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Hot Tubs UK

There is nothing more relaxing than the experience of stepping into your own personal garden spa.  A gently bubbling hot tub will help you unwind after a hard day at work, turn the jets up to full power and you'll have an invigorating massage to work those tired muscles, when-ever and how-ever you want!

Splash Spas' comprehensive range of low cost, economical hot tubs is specifically designed to maximise your relaxation whilst keeping your electricity bills low and the time required to maintain your spa to an absolute minimum.

All our hard sided hot tubs are supplied with an ecoONE Water Care Kit that won't require you to spend any more than 10 minutes per week keeping your water sparkling clear,

Clean - Clear - Chlorine-Free Water - Naturally!

Sanitizing Options

Using a sanitizer in your hot tub water is essential to kill bacteria and keep your tub safe to use. There are many hot tub chemicals to choose from, differentiated by price and ease of use.

There is no such thing as a 'chemical-free' hot tub!

Water Balancing

Water balancing is the process of maintaining the correct chemical composition of your hot tub water to ensure that your chosen sanitizer works to maximum effect.

The importance of water balancing depends on the hot tub chemicals you choose to use.

Shock & Clarifiers

Hot tub shock and water clarifiers help keep your water sparkling clear between water changes.

A shock will remove dissolved contaminants and a clarifier removes suspended particles from the water, trapping them in the filter.

Starter Kits

If your're unsure how to get started take a look at these hot tub chemical kits that will give you all you need to get started with clear instructions

Chemical Dispensers

If you choose to use a tablet sanitizer (cholrine, bromine or active oxygen tablets) you will need a floating chemical dispenser. These dispensers are suitable for the slow release of 1" spa sanitizing tablets.

Shop By Brand

If you are particular about the brand of hot tub chemicals you use then you can find them all in one place here!

Hot Tub Water Care Tips

Hot tub water care is easy! You just have to follow a few simple rules.

Find out what they are here...

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