Balboa MoodEFX 7 LED Retrofit Spa Light

Balboa MoodEFX 7 LED Retrofit Spa Light

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Replace your existing white spa light with the BalboaEFX 7 LED spa light. By simply turning your spa light on and off, you can switch the color selections combined with different movements or flashes

Balboa MoodEFX7 are versatile and innovative digital, color-changing lights for hot tubs and spas. They create complex, entertaining light displays of deep rich, saturated colors and dramatic color-changing effects. And since MoodEFX lights have no moving parts, they produce little noise and virtually no heat build-up, so you can expect them to last for many years with no maintenance.

13 light shows including: Slow color wash, Fast color wash, Slow random color, Fast random color, High speed random color, Cross fade.

Light colours are: White, Pink, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Lavender, Light Blue, Dark Blue.

Fitment: 12V wedge base (standard light fitting).

Power requirement: 120mA @ 12VAC


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