Balboa O3zone CD Ozonator

Balboa O3zone CD Ozonator

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This CD ozonator is simple to install and manufactured by the world renowned Balboa Corporation.

The Balboa family of ozonators was created specifically to withstand the demanding hot tub environment.

The new chip technology ozonator produces up to 20% more ozone than comparable models. A lower power draw represents a saving of up to 37% less energy and heat loss.

This ozonator activates, usually during a pre-programmed filter cycle, some hot tubs have a 24hr circulation and ozone mode. We recommend that your ozone should run for between 6 and 8 hours a day. The unit does not blow air, air is drawn through the ozone on a venturi system. Usually you will find a designated water jet plumbed in to the shell of the hot tub somewhere near the centre or sometimes a drain. Water will pass through the jet sucking in air through the ozone injector which will be connected to the ozone. During a filter cycle the ozone unit will be powered up, the corona discharge mechanism will kick in and charge the oxygen with ozone which enters the tub and in turn helps to kill bacteria with the aid of the sanitisers in the water.

These ozonator kits come with an installation manual, non-return valve and plastic tubing.  Even if you only need to replace the ozonator from an older one already in your spa, you will also need to replace the tubing and non-return valve as ozone will harden and split plastic tubing/components over time.

Life span is generally 2-3 years depending on use.

This unit comes with a 3-wire, 4-pin AMP cord, but can easily be swapped over with your original cable if required.

Supplied with non-return valve and 1.5m 3/8" tubing.

Unit Size: 16.0cm x 13.0cm x 7.0cm

Read the Balboa O3zone Installation Manual