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Our top tips for the best hot tub party - ever!

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Clean & clean again!

Oops! It's deeper than I thought!!

You'll need to clean the hot tub and surrounding area thoroughly before your guests arrive. Clear out any clutter or items you won't be using, Make sure that any hot tub steps are safe and respectable and do the job. Above all make sure the water looks crystal clear, sparkling and smells heavenly! Consider using some aromatherapy salts to add an enticing fragrance to the water as well. Rinse and clean filters thoroughly using a sanitising filter cleaner and clean away any 'tide marks' from around the water-line using a spa surface cleaner. The tub's cover should also be cleaned using a specialist cover cleaner product.

Quench that thirst!

Quench that Thirst!

Hot tubbing makes people thirsty, so don't forget to provide plenty of chilled drinks. Your guests will appreciate a cool box of cold drinks next to the tub. Water, soft drinks and iced tea are popular hot tubbing drinks, but save the alocohol for after spa use. Alcohol and hot water don't mix. Don't worry; your friends will thank you for this later. Play it safe by using plastic cups in the tub. If your tub doesn't have a convenient place to put drinks, then consider getting an inexpensive, inflatable spa bar to use instead!

Anyone for Cards?

Anyone for cards!

Be sure to have some water games on hand. If you feel the momentum start to die down, pull out some waterproof playing cards! Games will keep your guests entertained and enjoying themselves for hours. You can also get your one of your favorite childhood games in waterproof form, Uno. These are 100% waterproof and clear. Incorporate it into an evening of fun with your kids and teach them the ins and outs of the game. It will quickly be one of their favorites, too. This game is well-suited for 2-4 people, which makes it worthwhile for smaller hot tubs.

And...if playing cards is a bit too serious and just not your style, you can always bring out the water pistols!

Lighten the mood!

Lightend the mood!

With Autumn and Winter evenings getting darker earlier, which means lighting around your spa will be more important and, potentially, more delightful. Your spa may have it's own internal lighting and that will look great with the bubbles and the steam. If your tub doesn't have a light or if you want to add to its effect the getting a floating, led light that is battery powered.

You could add to that with strings of LED party lights hung around the spa – but not near the water – that can be battery powered or even solar garden lights that have been charged up during the day. Candles always give a party atmosphere and lanterns will protect them from any breeze. Always make sure that they are firmly attached to something and can't be knocked over and broken.

The path from your spa back to the house should be lit for safety as well.

Now for some guests!

Hot Tub Party Invitation

Now all you need are guests that come prepared for their tubbing experience. As well as their bathing suits, tell them to bring thick dressing gowns, towelling robes, fleecy tracksuits or even warm pyjamas. In the tub, it's going to be lovely but when you get out, you'll want to stay warm. Have you got a handy towel rail or towel tree for them to use?

With these tips in mind, you can now start planning a very memorable experience for you and your friends, but make sure they take a taxi home. Enjoy!