Premium Del Spa Eclipse CD Ozonator Kit

Premium Del Spa Eclipse CD Ozonator Kit

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This premium Del Spa Eclipse CD ozonator kit is simple to install, premium quality, and extremely reliable with universal voltage detection.

The Spa Eclipse is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost, plus It has a higher ozone output and longer life and other corona discharge ozone generators.

This unit can be fitted to virtually any hot tub with a venturi system. The unit uses Advanced Plasma Gap technology that kills 99.99% of micro-organisms that are commonly found in a hot tub. The new eclipse can generate twice as much ozone as the previous model (typically between 50-70 mg/hr depending on flow-rate) with a more reliable and consistent ozone output.


• Water back flow resistant
• Low EMI design
• 240V 50Hz CE/IPX5 with TÜV
• Longer life corona discharge chip
• Increased ozone output 
• Ozone cell indicator lamp
• Ozone management system option
• Made from all ozone resistant materials


The unit is usually screwed to an upright as high as possible. We advise that there should be a double air loop with a one way valve (included) to stop water passing back through the unit. The Ozone pipe is clear and can usually be inserted into a 3/8 inch air pipe connected to your venturi system, this will push fit on to the Ozone unit. This is a completely plastic enclosure and an earth core is no longer required on this model. If you are replacing an ozone unit with an earth core and you are utilising the existing 3 core plug, simply terminate the earth core at the source.

Unit Size: 12.5cm x 8.5cm x 6.0cm

Read the Del Spa Eclipse CD Ozone Generator Installation Manual