Deluxe Replacement 4-Part Swim Spa Cover

Deluxe Replacement 4-Part Swim Spa Cover

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Made to the same specification as our Deluxe Hot Tub Covers. A deluxe grain-effect vinyl cover with wrapped, high-density foam inserts.

Heat-reflective solid, mildew-treated PVC coated Polythene on underside of cover.

Skin made in America - cover assembled in UK.

Any size up to 4.88m x 2.44m.

3 Year Warranty.

Delivered approximately 7 - 8 weeks from order.

A deluxe replacement hot tub cover will be made to your specification and delivered to your door, free of delivery charge in UK mainland.

Our deluxe spa covers are manufactured for outside use in the harshest climate using....

  • high quality marine grade textured vinyl with mildew inhibitors and UV-stabilised colouring to prevent fading and provide increased resistance to chemical bleaching.  Available in 13 colours. Tested to 1500 UV Hours. Minus 29 deg C cold crack rating. Machine cut for precision sizing.
  • rigid, polystyrene, heavy-density, EPS100 (20kg/m3),  foam in-fill board. This is very heavy density foam providing excellent insulation qualities. Please be aware that it is the density of the foam that provides the insulation.  This is far more important that the thickness of the cover.
  • 5" - 3" (125mm - 76mm) taper to guarantee adequate rain run-off and prevent sagging.
  • 11oz reinforced weft, mildew treated PVC coated Polythene on underside of cover.
  • super-sturdy hinge design, automatically tested for 6000 lifts with no discernable wear detected.
  • gusseted, double stitched skirt to protect the spa shell from the damaging rays of the sun and  strong enough to be used for lifting the cover. Gusseted skirts hang straighter and have less tendency to bunch-up under the cover, preventing a proper seal between the cover and the spa.
  • 1.25mm polythene wrapping surrounding the foam, permanently sealed to ensure complete waterproofing and an additional double-wrap option for improved durability.
  • heavy duty, reinforced, pocketed, zips, rust and chemical corrosion proof, enabling the foam inserts to be easily removed should they ever need to be replaced.
  • double stitching with heavy-duty, UV resistant, bonded polyester thread. Unlike cotton, this polyester thread  won’t rot or degrade in the sun and can’t absorb mildew-causing moisture.
  • galvanized steel centre channel, c-shaped and running the entire length of each piece of foam along the hinge to provide strength and rigidity.  
  • 2 extra-strong, heavy duty handles on each half of the cover (more on request), made of vinyl with internal reinforcement - making them the strongest available on the market!
  • 4 strong vinyl tie-down straps on each half of the cover (more on request), with child-proof lockable buckles. The straps are sewn into the cover and onto the skirt to reduce any risk of tearing in high winds. The fasteners can be quickly installed with the stainless steel screws provided.
  • locking safety straps - fitted with clip-release fasteners with locks including two keys and screws to mount the hardware.
  • heat seal gaskets - our insulating gaskets seals heat loss at the extremities where the two cover halves fold together. When the cover is shut, the two halves seal automatically, which is critical to long-term energy savings.
  • a comprehensive 3 year warranty that covers both material and workmanship (please view the Deluxe Cover Warranty for more information)

Optional extras:

  • continuous heat seal hinge gasket along the length of the hingse to prevent further heat loss through the cover hinge
  • double wrapped inserts - to provide extra protection from moisture absorption and chemical attack to the cover's inserts (increasing the life of the cover by up to 50%!)
  • extra straps & handles

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Please note that the colours shown are only as accurate as the colour representation of the photographs and your screen.  Download a colour chart here. If you would like to see colour swatches please contact us.

All our deluxe hot tub cover are guaranteed for 36 months against workmanship and material defects.

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