Game - Underwater Light Star Ship

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Game - Underwater Light Star Ship

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A huge version of our popular Underwater Light Show!

Offers more light shows than the original plus special rotating effects.

A larger, 20cm diameter, version of our most popular seller, the Underwater Light Star Ship offers more light shows than the original Underwater Light Show plus special rotating effects.

Transforms a spa or pool into a rotating galaxy of light and colour that is out of this world!

8 ultra-bright LEDs projects light in your spa or pool up to approximately 5m in diameter with 10 different selectable light shows:

  • Random colour flashing
  • Colours rotate and flash randomly
  • Two colours flash together
  • All colours rotate and two flash together
  • Colours fade from one to the next
  • Colours rotate and fade from one to the next
  • All colours stay on continuously
  • All colours rotate and stay on continuously
  • Cycles randomly through non-rotating shows
  • Cycles randomly through rotating shows fading

The Underwater Light Star Ship also features four different auto shut-off modes to choose from: 1,2,3 or 4 hours.

Uses 4 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)


Additional Information

Diameter8" / 20cm
Height6.25" / 16cm

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