Gecko SSPA 2 Control Box - Dual Pump & Blower

Gecko SSPA 2 Control Box - Dual Pump & Blower

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SSPA2 - Gecko S-Class Control Box control pack including 2KW heater, pcb and 2" pipe connections - dual pump & blower operation.

Made by Gecko

Manufacturers Code: SSPA2 - Gecko S-Class Control Box

This is a white control box with a 15" 2kw heater tube attached to the bottom, it can be seen on many hot tubs and spas and is sometimes re relabelled by manufacturers like Hot Spring Spas, it will run a main pump, a circulation pump, a boost pump and air blower.

More Detail

  • High limit and Thermostat included
  • Pressure Switch Included (Tecmark Pressure Switch)
  • Heater Length 15" (38cm)
  • 230 volts, 2.0Kw 8-8.5 amps

Note: if you have a 'Hot Spring Spa' you will need to change the main chip on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with your existing one to enable it to work properly with your existing topside control panel.

For technical installation detail or testing help please contact us.

Product Specification

Brand:  Gecko
Length (cm):  32
Width (cm):  12
Height (cm):  27
Connection:  JJ moulded plug
Plumbing Size (Inch's):  2
Pump 1:  Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required
Pump 2:  1 speed
Air Blower:  1 speed
Heater:  2kw
Light option:  12 Volt
Ozone:  If required
Topside Controller Included:  No
Topsides Compatible:  TSC-9, TSC-18, TSC-19, TSC-35