Aquagarde is a pleasant smelling, single step hot tub water care solution which utilises the sanitizing effect of silver.

AquaGarde will not irritate skin or eyes. It is very easy to use and has been independently tested against Legionella.

No skin irritation! Chlorine & bromine free.

No hassle! Just add a measured amount weekly.


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  1. AquaGarde + 3 FREE Tubes of Pur'O Spa Shock Tablets

    AquaGarde is a pleasant smelling and chemical-free single step spa treatment that relies on the natural disinfecting qualities of silver to keep your hot tub water sparkling clean.

    Simply apply a measured dose, dependent on your hot tub water volume, once a week.

    We now supply this pack with 3 FREE Pur'O Spa tubes of non-chlorine shock treatment tablets.

  2. Aquagarde bundled with filter cleaner and aromatherapy salts

    Our Price: £109.07

    This bundle gives you a pack of Aquagarde together with 3 x pur'o spa non-chlorine shock tablet tubes, a 500g tub of surespa filter cleaner and your choice of luxurious surespa aromatherapy crystals.

    You will save 12.5% off the individual prices of these products  with this bundle!

  3. pur'ospa non-chlorine shock

    New Pur'O Spa non-chlorine shock in handy tablet form can be used in conjunction with any non-chlorine based sanitizer.

    Add 2 tablets to your spa water weekly in order to remove dissolved organic waste products and to keep your spa water in tip top condition! It is also recommended to apply one tablet after each bathing session.

3 Item(s)

How to Use Aquagarde

Ensure you know what the volume of water is in your hot tub before you start.

  • Check the table on the back of the bottle to find the correct measure of Aquagarde spa treatment before applying the product.
  • Make sure you have clean water (without obvious debris), your hot tub is clean and that you put in clean filters.
  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Measure out the correct quantity of Aquagarde spa treatment using the handy measuring cup which forms the top of the bottle.
  • Pour it in the hottub!
  • Add 2 tablets of Pur 'O Spa to the water.
  • Put the jets on for two minutes to ensure that it has been mixed in well.
  • Enjoy your hot tub!

Repeat this procedure every week.

It is also recommended that you add an extra tablet of Pur 'O Spa after each use.