Swim Spa Chemicals


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  1. Blue Horizons Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 5Kg from HotTubsUK

    These rapid dissolving stabilised chlorine granules are one of the most popular products for ensuring swimming pool water is safe and bacteria-free.

  2. Blue Horizons Multifunctional Mini 20g Chlorine Tablets - 5Kg from HotTubsUK

    These tablets offer a convenient method of maintaining safe, sparkling and crystal clear hot tub or swimming pool water.

  3. Aquablanc O2 Gentle - for Swim Spas & Small Pools from HotTubsUK

    Aquablanc O2 Gentle is a new, chlorine free Active Oxygen based water treatment system for maintaining crystal clear & bacteria free water in swim spas and small pools. It is a a gentle and much easier to use alternative to traditional chlorine or bromine water treatment systems..

    Contains 12 weekly treatments.

  4. Splash Spas Chlorine Granules - 5kg from HotTubsUK

    5 kg chlorine granules from Splash Spas range of quality chemicals.

  5. Blue Horizons pH Plus - 5Kg from HotTubsUK

    Symptoms of low pH include skin and eye irritation, excessive sanitizer use and, more seriously, corrosion of the pumps and heater and pitting or etching on the pool or spa surface.

  6. Blue Horizons pH Minus - 7Kg from HotTubsUK

    Symptoms of high pH include scale on surfaces and cloudy water, poor sanitiser function and the need for frequent filter cleaning.

  7. Blue Horizons TA Raiser - 5Kg from HotTubsUK

    Maintaining the Total Alkalinity within the correct range is the key to water balancing. Low Total Alkalinity will cause hot tub water to become corrosive and potentially damaging to the equipment and surface, it will also cause the pH to fluctuate widely.

7 Item(s)

Swim Spa Chemicals
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