Water Balancing

Water balancing is the process of maintaining the correct chemical composition of your hot tub water to ensure that your chosen sanitizer works to maximum effect.

The importance of water balancing depends on the hot tub chemicals you choose to use.

Step 1 - Total Alkalinity Step 2 - PH Balancers Step 3 - Scale Control

Maintaining the Total Alkalinity within the correct range is the key to water balancing. If the TA is within an acceptable range the pH will be easy to balance and your sanitizer will work well.

Maintaining the correct pH will ensure your sanitizer works efficiently, protect the pumps and heater from corrosion and help to avoid problems caused by limescale build-up.

If you keep the TA and pH balanced you won't need to worry about scaling unless you live in a very hard area. But, if your water is very soft, you might need to increase the hardness.