Hot Tub Cover Lifters

A cover lifter will not only make your cover easier to lift and replace, but will also keep it off the ground and protect it from scuffs and damage.

A cover lifter that holds the cover high up can also provide additional privacy, if required.

Hot tub cover lifters come in many different shapes and sizes and you can browse through the features that you prefer using the menu on the left of the page


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  1. CoverMate I ECO from HotTubsUK

    Economical Cover Lifter with side mounting brackets.

    Requires only 10"/25cm clearance behind the spa.

  2. Cover Valet - Cover Rock-It (Under Mounted) from HotTubsUK

    A superior spa cover lift that offers a simplistic design. When folded down, the cover stores neatly on the side of spa so does not obstruct the view.

  3. CoverMate I from HotTubsUK

    As allegedly the world’s most popular cover lifter, the CoverMate I is easy to install, even easier to use, and features a sleek, elegant look to complement any hot tub.

  4. Cover Valet - Cover Rx from HotTubsUK

    More economical gas spring assisted cover lifter for effortless spa cover removal.

  5. CoverMate II Understyle Cover Lifter from HotTubsUK

     The CoverMate II is a good choice of cover lift when clearance behind the spa is not important (18"/46cm clearance is needed).  The cover is stored low down but off the ground.

  6. Cover Valet CV250 Cover Lifter from HotTubsUK


    The Cover Valet CV250 is one of the worlds best regarded cover lifters with hydraulic lift assistance.

  7. CoverMate III from HotTubsUK

    This robust, hydraulic cover lifter utilises an exclusive windlock system to avoid damage to the hydraulic shocks in windy conditions.

  8. CoverMate Easy from HotTubsUK

    Simple design and great value.

  9. CoverMate III ECO from HotTubsUK

    An affordable hydraulic assist spa cover lifter and a light-duty version of the popular Covermate III.

    Easy to install and simple to operate.

  10. CoverMate Freestyle from HotTubsUK

    This pneumatically assisted cover lift is designed specifically for round and octagonal spas, but will also fit square or oblong hot tubs up to 8 ft (2.44 m).

  11. Cover Valet - Cover Caddy from HotTubsUK

    Gas spring assisted with a unique design that allows for installation on an array of spa shapes and sizes including round, octagonal, and spas with large radius or cut corners.

  12. CoverMate II (Side Mounted) from HotTubsUK

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    The CoverMate II is a good choice of cover lift when clearance behind the hot tub is not important. The cover is stored low down but off the ground.

12 Item(s)