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A CoverShield will save you £££s by protecting your valuable hot tub cover from the elements and providing an additional layer of insulation. Strong and water resistant.

Made in UK to your specified size from marine-grade vinyl..

Delivered approx 3 weeks from order.

A  hot tub cover is primarily designed to provide an insulated ‘barrier’ against the cold ambient temperature and to prevent as much heat loss as possible from your tub’s heated water.  As a secondary role it also provides essential protection against the weather and other ‘nasties’ that are prevalent in an outdoor setting, including bird droppings, tree sap, frost, mould/mildew and even moss build-up! Over time, the exposed vinyl  cover will become damaged by these ‘nasties’.

Help is now at hand with our brand new and exclusive tailor-made, vinyl CoverShield.

These hot tub cover shields are manufactured in the UK to your size specification using....

  • marine grade vinyl with mildew inhibitors and UV-stabilised colouring to prevent fading - the same grade material as your hot tub's cover.  Available in a choice of 7 colours,
  • double stitching with heavy-duty, UV resistant, bonded polyester thread. Unlike cotton, this polyester thread  won’t rot or degrade in the sun and can’t absorb mildew-causing moisture,
  • elasticated mid-sections with clips, on each side of the skirt to secure the cover cap in place

The CoverShield has a standard drop length of 25cm (10")

CoverShield can be used with any type of hot tub cover, either fitted with or without a cover lifter.  For ease of use and extra convenience, CoverShield can also be used in conjunction with 'bar 'type' cover lifters that lift the cover plus CoverShield along the cover's hinge, saving you from having to remove it and fold it separately! For compatability with other types of lifter please contact us.

Please configure your CoverShield requirements using the online form below. Please note colours shown are only as accurate as the colour representation of the photographs and your screen. 

If you need a different shape please contact us to discuss.

spa covers made in the ukMEASURING NOTES

Please refer to our cover measuring advice.

You measure for you CoverShield in the same way as you measure for a hot tub cover, but add approximately 2cm to the length and width measurements so that the CoverShield can be pulled in tightly to fully protect your cover. Refer to the diagram above and our cover measuring advise to see which dimensions to enter for the lengths A, B, C and D (not all measurements are required for every cover shape).

If you have an American or Canadian manufactured hot tub and you know the make, model and year of manufacture then we may be able to find your cover's dimensions from our own database. Please call us for further assistance.

Size of CoverShield: These covers are available for hot tubs with a maximum dimension on either side less than 2.4m.  For larger covers please contact us for a quotation.

How to Measure the Radius of Corners (D): Please refer to our cover measuring advice.

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