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Northstar hot tubs are built in the USA by Nordic Spas. A Northstar Hot Tub is the perfect balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price.

All Northstar Spas can be supplied with a real wood cedar cabinet for a small additional cost.

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Nordic's DTS™, or Dual Therapy System, is exclusive to Northstar and Nordic Hot Tubs and combines high flow water movement with a circular motion, to massage parts of the body that are forgotten in many spas. The combination of high flow water and individual jet therapy provides an excellent balance of active and passive muscle and joint relief

NB These products are excluded from your club discount.

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  1. Nordic Crown XL Hot Tub

    The Northstar Crown XL is a luxurious whirlpool treat and a very affordable price!

    Real cedar wood cladding available.

    6 seats and 29 hydrotherapy jets.

    This is the biggest, roomiest, most powerful and most therapeutic hot tub in the Nordic range.

    Supplied with FREE steps and a chemical starter pack.

  2. Cove Encore C710

    Northstar Encore SE is a large and luxurious six seater hot tub.

    Nordic LED lighting system.

    Synthetic wood cabinet.

    6 seats, including one full-length recliner. 34 jets

    Supplied with FREE steps and a chemical starter pack.

  3. C500 LED - birds eye view

    Northstar Retreat SE five person compact spa with the brilliant Northern Light LED lighting system

    Synthetic wood cladding.

    5 seats and 24 jets.

    Supplied with FREE steps and a chemical starter pack.

3 Item(s)