Pur'O Spa Non-Chlorine Shock Tablets

Pur'O Spa Non-Chlorine Shock Tablets

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Pur'O Spa tablets are non-chlorine shock in handy tablet form and can be used in conjunction with any non-chlorine based sanitiser.

Add two tablets to your hot tub water weekly in order to remove dissolved organic waste products and to keep your spa water in tip top condition! It is also recommended to apply one tablet after each hot tub session.

Each Pur 'O Spa tube contains 10 tablets

Why do I need Pur 'O Spa tablets?

Over time contaminants from your body and clothing become dissolved in your hot tub water, these contaminants include perspiration, body oils, residues of washing powder or fabric conditioner, hair products, make-up etc. You can't avoid getting some of these things into the water, but you need to get rid of them or the water will quickly become cloudy and foamy and will need completely replacing.

How do I use Pur 'O Spa tablets?

Once per week put two tablets into your hot tub water with the pumps running. If you have a skimmer basket over your filter that is a good place to put them. It takes about half an hour before the tablets completely dissolve, it is then safe to use the spa.

You can also apply one tablet after each hot tub session as a maintenance dose.


Additional Information

Active IngredientsPotassium Monopersulphate
Net Weight250g