Replacement Deluxe Cover Skin - Bespoke

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Replacement Deluxe Cover Skin - Bespoke

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Marine-grade vinyl hot tub cover skin up to 2.44m x 2.44m. Please ring for a quotation for larger sizes.

Delivery usually 4-5 weeks from order.

  • high quality marine grade vinyl with mildew inhibitors and UV-stabilised colouring to prevent fading and provide increased resistance to chemical bleaching.  Available in 5 colors.
  • 4" - 3" (100mm - 75mm), 5" - 3.5" (125mm - 90mm) or a 6" - 4.5" (150mm - 112.5mm) taper.
  • gusseted, double stitched skirt to protect the spa shell from the damaging rays of the sun and  strong enough to be used for lifting the cover. Gusseted skirts hang straighter and have less tendency to bunch-up under the cover, preventing a proper seal between the cover and the spa.
  • double-laminated, chemical resistant polyester undercover with grommet reinforced moisture drains and the option of a foil heat reflection shield.  This is the first line of defense in preventing chemical damage and moisture infiltration.
  • heavy duty, reinforced zips, rust and chemical corrosion proof, enabling the foam inserts to be easily removed should they ever need to be replaced.
  • double stitching with heavy-duty, UV resistant, bonded polyester thread. Unlike cotton, this polyester thread  won’t rot or degrade in the sun and can’t absorb mildew-causing moisture.
  • up to 4 heavy duty handles, made of vinyl with nylon webbing reinforcement. 
  • up to 6 strong vinyl tie-down straps, with child-proof lockable buckles. The straps are sewn into the cover and onto the skirt to reduce any risk of tearing in high winds. The fasteners can be quickly installed with the stainless steel screws provided.

Optional extras:

  • continuous heat seal gasket along the length of the hinge to further prevent heat loss.

    Please configure your cover requirements using the on-line form below, alternatively print the order form and fax back to us.

    Please note colours shown are only as accurate as the colour representation of the photographs and your screen.  If you would like to see colour swatches or if you would like a cover sample please contact us.

    These hot tub cover skins are guaranteed for 36 months against workmanship and material defects


    If you do not have an existing cover to measure from, then you must measure all the outside dimensions of the hot tub. Refer to the diagram above to see which dimensions to enter for the lengths A, B, C and D (not all measurements are required for every cover shape).

    If you need a different shape please contact us to discuss.

    Size of Cover: This option is available for covers with a maximum dimensions on either side less than 2.44m.  For larger covers please contact us for a quotation.

    How to Measure the Radius of Corners (D): Refer to the diagram above and, using two straight edges or rulers, extend two imaginary lines from the break in the curve of the spa (point X) until they meet at an imaginary point Y. Determine the measurement from point X to point Y. This will be the radius of your corner.

    Entering the Skirt Length: The skirt must easily sit over the edges of the spa with a little room to spare, to ensure adequate insulation.

    Entering the Length of Tie Down Straps: Please measure from the bottom of the cover skirt to the centre of the buckle.

    Specify location of straps: If you require two straps, the easiest way to specify the position is to measure the distance of the centre of the straps from the centre of the side of the cover.

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