Rotospa Hot Tubs

RotoSpa hot tubs made in Birmingham

Spice up your garden with a great little hot tub from RotoSpa, a UK business, based in Birmingham,  with over 20 years design and manufacturing experience. Roto Spa's mission is to produce hard-wearing, low maintenance and economical spas that are fully equipped to provide a professional level of hydro therapy and excellent value for money.

Hot tubs made in the UK
  • truly portable and innovative spas that are therapeutic, low maintenance and affordable.
  • light enough for 1 or 2 people to handle.
  • tough enough to resist damage when moved.
  • Energy efficient electronics and thermal insulation give these hot tubs one of the smallest carbon footprints available.

NB These products are excluded from your club discount.

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  1. S080 in Sandstone

    RotoSpa DuoSpa S080


    The DuoSpa is the first truly portable, high performance 2 person spa manufactured and available in the UK. It has two full depth, natural reclining positions, a world class hydrotherapy system and unparalleled heat and noise insulation.

    There are two versions of the DuoSpa. This S080 model and the more luxurious DuoSpa S240.

    The key feature of the DuoSpa is that it is designed to fit through a standard sized internal doorway, making almost any location accessible, from a tiny balcony to an upstairs bathroom..

  2. S240 in Granite grey

    RotoSpa DuoSpa S240


    THE luxury 2-seater hot tub! The DuoSpa S240 is a higher specification version of the DuoSpa S80 with 12 stainless-steel hydrotherapy jets and a powerfull 1.2 KW air blower with 12 additional jets.

    This hot tub also comes with a factory fitted mult-function coloured LED light and an ozone generator to help keep the water sparkling clean.

    If you are short of space or you just don't want to heat up too much water this is the hot tub you need!

  3. Dura Spa S160 in light grey

    RotoSpa DuraSpa S160


    The RotoSpa DuraSpa is a larger, portable 5 person spa .  It is available in two versions; the S160 & S380.

    Both DuraSpas are built on the same shell, with two lounger seats, one deep multi-massage hydrotherapy seat and 2 recessed therapy seats.

    The DuraSpa S160 is the economy version with fewer jets and no air blower.

  4. Duraspa S380 in Midnight blue

    RotoSpa DuraSpa S380


    The luxury DuraSpa S380 upgrades the S160 with a 20 hydrotherapy stainless-steel jet package and a 1.2kw multi-speed air injection system with 18 multi-point air jets positioned around the lower back and footwell areas.

    There are very few hot tubs available at this price-pont with two lounger seats and such a well specified hydrotherapy system.

  5. RotoSpa Orbis from HotTubsUK

    RotoSpa Orbis


    The Orbis is a small, round hot tub that would work well in a holiday home or small garden.

    It is light weight and easily manoeuvrable by two people.

  6. Quatro Spa in Granite grey

    RotoSpa Quatro Spa


    The QuatroSpa is a large, round hot tub with all the modern features of performance and insulation that you could wish for; a powerful 2-speed pump and factory fitted ozone generator to help maintain crystal clear water.

    The Quatro Spa provides smooth, full depth seating and a generous foot well for the most natural resting position.

6 Item(s)