Splash Spas Chlorine Granules - 2kg

Splash Spas Chlorine Granules - 2kg

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2 kg chlorine granules from Splash Spas range of quality chemicals.

Splash Spas own brand chemicals are a high quality range of hot tub chemicals manufactured exclusively for us by the UK's leading spa chemicals manufacturer.

These granules dissolve rapidly and have minimal impact on pH.

When the temperature exceeds 20oC these granules can be applied directly to the spa water.  At lower temperatues, or if in doubt, pre-dissolve in clean water in a clean plastic container at a maximum concentration of 10g of granules per litre of water.  Apply to the spa water with the pumps turned 'on' to aid distribution.

Initial dose : For freshly filled spas apply granules to achieve and maintain an inital shock dose chlorine concentration of 20ppm for 2 hours.  Ensure that the level has dropped to less than 5 ppm before anyone enters the water.

Daily maintenance : Check the chlorine level and re-apply granules daily to maintain a chlorine concentration of 3 - 5 ppm according to the following table.  Alternatively, the chlorine concentration may be maintained using chlorine tablets.

Size of your hot tub To increase the chlorine level by..
1ppm 3ppm
1000 litres / 220 gals 2g 6g
1500 litres / 330 gals 3g 9g

It is important to maintain a pH level of 7.2 - 7.8 whilst using chlorine to sanitize your spa.


Additional Information

Active Ingredients Di-chloro isocyanurate di-hydrate
Net Weight 1 kg