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Your hot tub cover can look way past its best very quickly if it is not maintained and cleaned regularly!

Don't let this happen to your investment!


1. Too much chemical in the water

Chemical in the water vapour that comes into contact with the cover eventually causes the plastic wrapping around the inserts to become brittle and crack. Once that happens the foam inserts will quickly absorb moisture, become heavy and stop insulating properly. Poor water chemistry can also cause bleaching, puffiness within the vinyl and disintegration of the stitching.

If you use too much chemical this process can occur very quickly.

The Nasties Lurking in Your Hot Tub....

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Biofilm - And Why You Really Want To Get Rid Of It!

What Is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a colony of bacteria and other micro-organisms that stick themselves to a surface. Biofilm loves virtually any surface, but especially dark, warm, wet surfaces - that's the seats, walls, skimmer baskets, filter cartridges, cover, pump, jets, handles, lights, air holes, heater and especially the pipework in your hot tub.

These micro-organisms multiply rapidly and will cover themselves in a protective layer of slime that is very resistant to disinfectants like chlorine or bromine. Biofilm can harbour harmful bacteria like Legionella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosas, Mycobacterium Fortuitum and E-Coli.

Should You Use Enzymes In Your Hot Tub?

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The biggest enemies of hot tub water quality come from our bodies. Oils and grease from our bodies get introduced into the water when we enjoy a nice soak and, over time, they accumulate in the water, in the filters and even coat the hot tub shell.

In the past, the only way to remove these contaminants was by draining and cleaning the hot tub and then refilling it, using a hearty dose of chlorine or bromine to sanitise the water. All very time-consuming, hard-work and not in the least bit environmentally friendly.

Now, more and more consumers are looking to reduce their exposure to chlorine or bromine and, at the same time, make looking after their hot tub easier and more environmentally friendly.

8 Tips to Lower your Hot Tub Running Costs

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Tip 1 : Check your cover

  • Is your hot tub cover too heavy? If so, it is probably water logged and will no longer be insulating your tub properly.
  • Look at your cover on a frosty morning. Is there a line of no frost spreading along the hinge? If so, when it's time to purchase a new cover, invest a little more in one with a continuous heat seal along the hinge to stop this heat loss happening.
  • If the frost is melting off your hot tub cover before it is melting from the surrounding areas in the garden then it needs more insulation!

Tip 2 : Add a thermal blanket

  • Adding a thermal blanket will add another layer of heat protection to your hot tub and will be less expensive than buying a thicker thermal cover if your hot tub cover is still in good condition.
  • Water evaporation accounts for 70% of heat loss in hot tubs and a 12mm Thermalux cover reduces water evaporation and heat loss by up to 90%.

Tip 3 : Shelter from the wind

  • If your hot tub is outside, then you must deal with the wind! Not only can it blow off your hot tub cover or cover your hot tub with leaves, it will also quickly cool your whole tub and cause the heater to work much harder,

Top tips for winter hot tub use

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We all feel aches and sprains more when the weather is cold, plus we might even be more likely to pull a muscle or strain a joint. A good long soak in your hot tub will ease away stiffness and pain, but how do we stop the electricity bills becoming scary? Running costs of today's hot tubs are generally reduced as a result of improved thermal insulation and heat retention features, but that obviously depends on which tub you have and there are still extra things that you can do to save more money and be kind to the planet:

Foaming water? Don't reach for the FoamAway!

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If we never sell another bottle of hot tub anti-foam it will be a great achievement!
Foaming water is almost always caused by dissolved stuff in your water and to cure the foaming you need to remove the cause!

Our top tips for the best hot tub party - ever!

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Hot Tub Party Fun!

It's a well known fact nowadays, that the most memorable parties tend to be those that involve a hot tub! Read on to get our expert tips on planning the best hot tub party!

Why should I buy a hot tub?

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Need justification for more enjoyment? Want a rationale for soothing relaxation? Here are just some of the many motivations to own a hot tub...

HottubsUK guide to some more of the best hot tub views, ever!

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We know that our previous article of views from a hot tub were well received, so here are some more to whet your appetite (along with prices if you fancy a stay!)

What are the different types of hot tub? – Part 1

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The words 'Hot Tub' can mean many things to different people and so Part 1 of this article aims to explain two out of the four most common types available on the market today; Acrylic and Wooden type hot tubs.

Temperature control - what's right for your hot tub?

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One question always asked in relation to owning hot tub is: Should we keep our hot tub constantly warm, or is it better to turn it off after usage? This is a very understandable concern as energy prices remain high and people want to make sensible choices. This article aims to help you make the right choice for setting and maintaining the water temperature in your hot tub.

Some quirky hot tubs - Part2!

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For some more ingenious ideas that take hot-tubbing to the next level read on!:

Looking after your hot tub cover

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Mildew, moss, cracked surfaces or a general look of age and disrepair – an uncared-for hot tub cover can look way past its best very quickly if it is not maintained and cleaned regularly. You will have made a big investment into your hot tub cover, particularly if you have opted for a top quality cover with a high R-value, so it is in your best interests to also invest time and effort into keeping your investment in tip-top condition.

Some quirky hot tubs - Part1!

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Hot tubs aren't just square or round with electric heating and pumps! Take a look at these innovative and quirky hot tub ideas!

When do you use your spa?

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When you use your spa is really down to personal preference, but for many people the ideal time to step into the warm depths of a hot tub is in the evening after work. Read on to find out what benefits soaking in a hot tub can bring!

The View From The Tub!

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A hot tub is the ultimate in luxury. The warmth, the bubbles, the sensory delight of floating in water. But the feeling of luxuriousness is further heightened when it is combined with stunning scenery or a fabulous view. It is a luxury that is as old as the hills. What we today call a hot tub, the Roman Empire called a Caldarium, but the idea – using warm water to wash away stresses and soothe aching joints remains the same.

Read more to discover where we have found the top five views from a hot tub from around the world!