Hot Tub Cover Lifters & Holders

A cover lifter will not only make your cover easier to lift and replace, but will also keep it off the ground and protect it from scuffs and damage.

  1. CoverMate II (Under Mounted)
    CoverMate II (Under Mounted) More Information

    The CoverMate II is a good choice of cover lifter when clearance behind the spa is not too important.

    The understyle bracket avoids having to drill into the side of the spa and this lifter stores the cover low down, but off the ground, for a less-obstructed view.

    There is also a foot-bar to make lifting the cover easier.

  2. Covermate Cover Shelf
    Covermate Cover Shelf More Information

    Remove the cover without obscuring the view! Simply fold the cover in half and push it onto the sturdy aluminium bars, where it can rest without obstructing your view.

    Keeps your cover off the ground and protected from damage while you relax.

  3. CoverMate I
    CoverMate I More Information

    As allegedly the world’s most popular cover lifter, the CoverMate I is easy to install, even easier to use, and features a sleek, elegant look to complement any hot tub.

    Fits virtually any spa up to 2.44m (8 ft) in width and requires just 18 inches of clearance behind spa.

  4. CoverMate I ECO
    CoverMate I ECO More Information

    An affordable side-mounted spa cover lifter and a light-duty version of the popular Covermate I.

    Easy to install and simple to operate.

    NB. Do not use for very large and heavy covers.

  5. CoverMate Easy
    CoverMate Easy More Information

    With it's simple design and great value, this cover lifter can be adjusted to fit most tubs, It comes with two hinges which attach to the bottom of the tub and stop chains to ensure the cover sits safely and securely to the back of the tub

    Your hot tub must have at least 20 inches clearance at the back for this lifter to work correctly.

  6. CoverMate Freestyle
    CoverMate Freestyle More Information

    This pneumatically assisted cover lift is designed specifically for round and octagonal spas, but will also fit square or oblong hot tubs up to 8 ft (2.44 m), or any other shaped tub.

    when in the open position, the CoverMate Freestyle positions the cover well away from the hot tub so that your use is not restricted in any way.

  7. CoverMate III
    CoverMate III More Information

    This robust, hydraulic cover lifter utilises hydraulic rams to make lifting very easy, even with a large cover.

    There is an an exclusive windlock system to avoid damage to the hydraulic shocks in windy conditions.

    Support brackets for the device have be to mounted to the sides of the tub

    Requires just six inches of clearance behind spa.

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