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A shock product removes dissolved organic matter and non-filterable waste from the water, for example perspiration, urine or decomposing flies.

All best removed!.

  1. surespa Spa Shock Express - 500g
    surespa Spa Shock Express - 500g

    Fast reacting hot tub shock and clarifier from the premium surespa range of hot tub products.

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  2. Splash Spas Spa Shock Express - 500g
    Splash Spas Spa Shock Express - 500g

    A fast reacting hot tub shock with enhanced water clarifiers.

    Equivalent to 14 sachets of Spa Fusion.

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  3. Splash spas Non-Chlorine Shock environmentally friendly option
    Splash Spas Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg

    Splash Spas chlorine-free shock granules for removal of unfilterable contaminants.

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  4. AquaSparkle Spa Fusion Aqua Sachet Hot Tub Shock
    AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion Aqua Sachet

    Aquasparkle Spa Fusion is an easy-to-use, measured sachet of fast reacting shock treatment for the rapid recovery of dull or foamy hot tub water and enhanced water clarity.

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  5. surespa non-chlorine shock environmentally friendly option
    surespa Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg

    Chlorine-free shock granules from the premium surespa range of hot tub products.

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  6. AquaSPArkle non-chlorine shock for regular application environmentally friendly option
    AquaSPArkle Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg

    AquaSPArkle non-chlorine shock treatment is ideal for regular application to remove non-filterable contaminants from hot tub water.

    Because this product contains no chlorine or bromine hot tub use can resume immediately after application.

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