surespa Spa Shock Express - 500g

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surespa Spa Shock Express is a very powerful and fast reacting hot tub shock and water clarifier that will quickly remove the organic contaminants that inevitably enter the water when a hot tub is used. These include airborne pollutants and substances introduced by bathers, such as perspiration and body oils.

Enhances water quality.

Equivalent to over 14 sachets of Aquasparkle Spa Fusion.

Compatible with all hot tub sanitisers. Will not affect water balance.

You should use a shock as soon as your water starts to look a little dull or foamy and immediately after very heavy use.  You should also shock your tub at each water change.

Dosage: Measure approximately 35g of shock per 1500 litres of hot tub water using the 10g measuring spoon, included in the pot. (The equivalent of 3-4 scoops). Sprinkle the powder over the surface of the water, but be careful not to breath in the substance or allow anyone to get it in their eyes. Then run the pumps for at least an hour with the cover off.

Each pot contains sufficient for at least 14 treatments

NB: surespa Spa Shock Express contains chlorine. Chlorine shocks are far more effective than the non-chlorine alternative and most of the excess chlorine will gas-off whilst the cover is off and the pumps are running. However, you should not use this product if you are significantly allergic to chlorine.

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Active Ingredients Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate, Disodium Persulphate and Clarifiers.
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