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Bespoke Deluxe Hot Tub & Swim Spa Covers

These deluxe hot tub covers are made bespoke to meet your specific requirement. We offer a wide choice of vinyl skin colours and a complete range of configurable insulation options to meet your specific requirement; from an economical, but excellent quality, cover through to the highest specification rugged, insulated cover suitable for the coldest ski chalet.

If your hot tub cover is excessively heavy or sagging in the middle then it is water-logged.
It won't be insulating properly and it needs replacing!

Hot Tub Covers made with the finest materials and craftsmanship

Hot Tub Covers made with the finest materials and craftsmanship

Marine-grade vinyl skins treated with mildew inhibitors and UV resistors.

Highly insulating foam cores to provide a strong, energy efficient covers.

Heat-reflective solid, mildew treated base for maximum resistance to water vapour transmission.

Double stitching and 40-point reinforcement.

Three years manufacturer's warranty.

Hot tub covers made to last!

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient

Highly insulating foam cores to provide strong, energy efficient covers.

Specially designed hinge heat pads to ensure a perfect seal, keeping water warm and preventing evaporation - critical to long-term energy savings

Heat-reflective vinyl base.

Insulation that helps save you money!

Hot Tub Covers that are environmentally-friendly and energy efficient

Step 1 Choose Which One of these 4 Size Options You Need

Standard Size Hot Tub CoverAny shape up to 2.44m x 2.44m

standard hot tub cover outine

was £425.00

Club Price from only £380.00

Large 3-Section Hot Tub CoverAny shape up to 3.66m x 2.44m

large hot tub cover outine


from £645.00

Small 4-Part Swim Spa CoverAny shape up to 4.88m x 2.44m

small swim spa cover cover outine


from £860.00

Large 6-Part Swim Spa CoverAny shape up to 7.32m x 2.44m

large swim spa cover outine


from £1,560.00

What Is Included as Standard?

High Quality Marine Grade Textured Vinyl
With mildew inhibitors and UV-stabilised colouring to prevent fading and provide increased resistance to chemical bleaching.  Available in 13 colours. Tested to 1500 UV Hours. Minus 29 deg C cold crack rating. Machine cut for precision sizing.
Rigid, Polystyrene, Very High-Density Foam In-Fill Board
In a choice of thicknesses to provide the best insulation qualities whilst keeping the cover weight low.
Galvanized Steel Centre Channel
C-shaped steel reinforcing running the entire length of each piece of foam along the hinge to provide strength and rigidity.
Super-Sturdy Hinge Design
This design has been automatically tested for 6000 lifts with no discernable wear detected.
Tapered Shaping
Covers are sloped away from the central hinge to guarantee adequate rain run-off and prevent sagging
Reinforced Woven Underside
The underside of the cover is made with an 11oz reinforced weft from mildew treated PVC coated polythene. Drain holes are added to ensure no water pooling inside the cover.
1.25mm Polythene Core Wrapping
Polythene surrounding the foam is permanently sealed to ensure complete waterproofing. An additional double-wrap option is offered for even geater durability.
Hinge Heat Seal Pads
Hinge heat pads ensure no heat loss at the extremities of the hinge where the two cover halves fold together, critical to long-term energy savings. There is an optional full-length hinge heat seal too.
Double Stitching with Heavy-Duty, UV Resistant, Bonded Polyester Thread
Unlike conventional cotton, the polyester thread used on these covers won’t rot or degrade in the sun and can’t absorb mildew-causing moisture.
Gusseted Skirt
A hot tub cover skirt protects the hot tub shell from the damaging rays of the sun and these skirts are strong enough to be used for lifting the cover. Gusseted skirts hang straighter and have less tendency to bunch-up under the cover, preventing a proper seal between the cover and the hot tub shell.
Heavy Duty, Reinforced, Pocketed, Zips
All zips are rust and chemical corrosion proof and enable the foam inserts to be easily removed should they ever need to be replaced.
Extra-Strong Positioning Handles
Handles are made from the same vinyl as the cover with internal reinforcement for strength.
Vinyl Tie-Down Straps
At least 4 tie-down straps are provided with child-proof lockable buckles. The straps are sewn into the cover and onto the skirt to reduce any risk of tearing in high winds. The fasteners can be quickly attached to the side of the hot tub with the stainless steel screws provided.
A Comprehensive 3-Year Warranty
A manufacturers warranty that covers both material and workmanship.

What Optional Extras are there?

Extra Thick Insulating Core
The prices above are for a minimum 4" (102mm) high density insulating foam, which is tapered down towards the edge of the cover to allow rain to run off. If the cover isn't tapered rain water will pool in the center and before long the cover will begin to sag in the middle. The bigger 3 section hot tub covers and the swim-spa covers are made with thicker foam as standard in some sections so that a continuous taper from the center of the cover can still be achieved whilst keeping the outer extremities of the cover to at least 3" (76mm) thickness. Where possible we offer the option to upgrade to thicker (and therefore higher insulating) foam if you wish. Click through on the buttons above to see the options available for your cover.
Double Wrapping Around the Foam Core
The covers are all supplied with heavy duty polythene wrapping surrounding the foam core, which is permanently sealed to ensure complete waterproofing. However, it is this polythene wrapping that is usually the first element to fail on a cover. This is because the polythene is in constant contact with water vapour that contains chemical and the chemical makes the polythene brittle and so it cracks. You can, of course, stop this happening by not using harsh chemicals such chlorine or bromine and switching to one of our kinder and more environmentally friendly watercare solutions. You can also, if you wish, pay a little more to have 2 layers of polythene around the core, which definitely improves the longevity of the cover and is a sensible investment if you want your new cover to last as long as possible.
Continuous Hinge Heat Seals.
All the covers are supplied with heat seal gaskets to stop heat loss at the extremities of the hinges where the two cover halves fold together. When the cover is shut, the two halves seal automatically, which is critical to long-term energy savings. If you wish, you can pay a small amount more for a continuous heat seal gasket along the full length of the hinge. If this sounds a little confusing, you will be able to see exactly what it means when you click through to choose your cover.
Extra Straps and Handles
Each two-part folding cover is supplied with four straps and two handles as standard. If you particularly want more that's fine, but there is a small additional charge.
Irregular Shape Cutting
If you have a strange shaped hot tub (ie not a square, rectangle, circle, hexagon or octagon) don't worry, we can still make you a new cover, but we will need you to supply a template that we can use to cut it and we will charge you a bit extra for doing this.


When measuring for a new hot tub cover, there is one important thing to remember


A bit too big is much better than too small

Make sure the measurements are big enough. It is okay for the cover to be a bit big. It still does it's job. However, a cover that is too small will never insulate properly.

Don't forget that, even though your hot tub might look square, it might not actually be square, so always measure both the length and width to confirm that they are either the same or different. Always err on the side of adding surface area to the cover and don't skimp on the measurements.

You can specify if the hinge is at the centre of the longest side or the shortest side when you order

Hot tub covers can fit in one of two ways. The most popular is a cover that fits only over the acrylic shell (in most hot tubs, the acrylic shell comes out further than the wood or plastic skirt) and in this case, you should measure either the dimensions of your current cover, or, if that is missing or doesn't fit well, from the outside edge of the hot tub shell.

However, if your hot tub resembles the diagram below, with a wood or plastic sill on the outside of the acrylic shell, and you would like your new hot tub cover to cover both the shell and the sill then, obviously, you must measure from the outside of the sill. The cover will perform equally well either way, as long as it is big enough to fit completely over the hot tub shell, but if it covers a wooden sill from the elements then the wood will survive much longer.


Side view of hot tub cover

X - You should specify your skirt length to be a bit more than this.

Y - Outside dimension of the acrylic shell. This is the normal measurement to specify unless you have a sill and prefer your cover to fully enclose it, in which case specify measurement Z.

Z - Outside dimension of the hot tub cabinet.

measuring hot tub cover radius

Above is an illustration of the best way to measure the corner radius.

Measure the distance from the imaginary corner, A, to the point at which the curvature stops, B.

Round down any dimensions of cut corners or radius corners. If the radius is too big (ie there is too much curvature) or if the cut corner is too long, the cover will never fit the corner properly. But if the curvature is a bit too small (or the cut is too short) that is absolutely fine; there will just be a slight overhang at the corners which actually makes the cover easier to get on and off.

If your cover corners aren't perfectly rounded or cut at 45 degrees then that is not a problem, but you will need to send us a template work with.

  • Cut-away section through a Deluxe Hot Tub Cover
  • Sky blue deluxe hot tub cover
  • Hot tub cover stitching
  • Round hot tub cover
  • Solid vinyl hot tub cover base

How to Protect your Hot Tub Cover Investment

Hot tub covers deteriorate quickly if too much chemical is used

Your hot tub cover can look way past its best very quickly if it is not maintained and cleaned regularly!

Don't let this happen to your investment!

Chemical in the water vapour that comes into contact with the cover eventually causes the plastic wrapping around the inserts to become brittle and crack. Once that happens the foam inserts will quickly absorb moisture, become heavy and stop insulating properly. Poor water chemistry can also cause bleaching, puffiness within the vinyl and disintegration of the stitching.


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