Aquasparkle spa chemicals are the UK’s largest, quality spa chemical range with everything you need to maintain a clean and healthy spa. Aquasparkle chemicals lead the market in spa water care.

  1. AquaSPArkle Bromine Tablets - 1kg
    AquaSPArkle Bromine Tablets - 1kg
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    AquaSPArkle bromine tablets are ideal for continuous sanitising at the high water temperatures used  in hot tubs.

    These tablets are slow dissolving to produce free active bromine which will effectively kill bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. They are best used in a floating dispenser and they are somewhat easier to use and less irritating to the skin than chlorine.

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  2. AquaSPArkle Chlorine Tablets - 1kg
    AquaSPArkle Chlorine Tablets - 1kg
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    These low acidity, 20g chlorine tablets are formulated specifically for use in a floating dispenser in your hot tub. They will erode slowly over a period of several days, allowing a constant chlorine level to be maintained in the water over a longer period of time than is possible with chlorine granules.

    These tablets are significantly less acidic than may other brands and contain a clarifier to help keep the water clear.

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  3. AquaSPArkle Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg environmentally friendly option
    AquaSPArkle Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg
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    AquaSPArkle non-chlorine shock treatment is ideal for regular application to spa and hot tub water to remove non-filterable, organic contaminants from hot tub water.

    These contaminants include perspiration, dead skin cells and other caused by simply using the hot tub. If not removed they will ultimately lead to dull, cloudy and possibly foaming water.

    Use weekly or after heavy spa use.

    Because this product contains no chlorine or bromine hot tub use can resume immediately after application.

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  4. AquaSPArkle FoamAway - 1lt
    AquaSPArkle FoamAway - 1lt

    AquaSPArkle Foam Away rapidly suppresses foaming in hot tub water.

    If cosmetics, soaps and oils are allowed to build up in your hot tub water they will cause foam to be generated when the pumps are turned on. The preferred solution is to remove these dissolved contaminants using a hot tub shock, but a shock product will take a few days to work so if a short-term emergency remedy is required the Aquasparkle FoamAway is the solution.

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