AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Chemicals

AquaSPArkle hot tub chemicals provide the UK’s widest range of hot tub treatment products and offer all that is needed to maintaining a clean and healthy hot tub. There is an AquaSPArkle product to meet all requirements, from initial cleaning and filling of your hot tub; maintaining clean, safe water during regular use; to draining down the water and cover cleaning.

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  1. Aquasparkle 4-way chlorine and bromine test strips

    AquaSPArkle 4-Way Chlorine / Bromine Test Strips are formulated specifically for hot tub use and suitable for use with all chlorine and bromine based sanitisers.

    The strips test for free chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity.

    50 strips per pot.

  2. Aquasparkle hot tub conditioner 80ml aqua sachet

    Aquasparkle Hot Tub Conditioner contains a blend of compounds to enhance the quality of water, reduce chlorine or bromine use, control scale and prevent biofilm formation in the pipework.

    Hot Tub Conditioner also contains lavender essential oil to make your water smell nice as well as feel nice!

  3. Aquasparkle Chlorine Tablets - Mini 20g Tablets for Hot Tub Use

    These low acidity, 20g chlorine tablets are formulated specifically for use in a floating dispenser in your hot tub. They will erode slowly over a period of several days, allowing a constant chlorine level to be maintained in the water over a longer period of time than is possible with chlorine granules.

  4. Aquasparkle Chlorine Granules - 1kg

    AquaSPArkle Spa Chlorine Granules are rapidly dissolving and ensure your spa water stays safe and bacteria free with a minimal impact on the pH of your hot tub water.

  5. Aquasparkle Bromine Tablets dissolve slowly to maintain the desired bromine residual

    AquaSPArkle bromine tablets are ideal for continuous sanitising at the high water temperatures used  in hot tubs.

    These tablets are slow dissolving to produce free active bromine which will effectively kill bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms at the high water temperatures found in a hot tub .

  6. AquaSPArkle Bromine Granules - 0.5kg

    AquaSPArkle bromine infused granules are highly effective granules for sanitation and algae control in hot tubs.

    Available in this smaller 500g container or in a larger 1Kg pot.

    Apply these granules in small quntities directly to the hot tub water with the pumps running to aid distribution and wait half an hour before testing.

  7. Aquasparkle Bromine Granules - 1kg

    A large,1 kg tub of AquaSPArkle bromine infused granules to keep any hot tub safely sanitised for many months.

  8. AquaSparkle Spa Fusion

    Aquasparkle Spa Fusion is an easy-to-use, measured sachet of fast reacting shock treatment for the rapid recovery of dull or foamy hot tub water and enhanced water clarity.

Showing 1-8 of 23 Products

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AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Chemicals
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