AquaSPArkle Chlorine Tablets - 1kg

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These low acidity, 20g chlorine tablets are formulated specifically for use in a floating dispenser in your hot tub. They will erode slowly over a period of several days, allowing a constant chlorine level to be maintained in the water over a longer period of time than is possible with chlorine granules.

These tablets are significantly less acidic than may other brands and contain a clarifier to help keep the water clear.

AquaSPArkle Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets have a significantly higher pH than many other chlorine tablets (ie they are significantly less acidic) and so they reduce the risk of acid damage to your hot tub seals and equipment which can be a real concern for chlorine users.

The tablets are 'multifunctional', meaning that they also contain a clarifier to help keep the hot tub water crystal clear.

To use: fill your floating dispenser with tablets and adjust the aperture on the dispenser until the chlorine level in the water is maintained at  3–5 mg/l (ppm). You must ensure that the water is properly balanced to enable the chlorine to sanitise effectively.

NB These tablets release chlorine relatively slowly so it may be necessary to apply an initial dose of chlorine granules if you need to establish a chlorine level in the water more rapidly

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Active Ingredients Trichloroisocyanuric Acid
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