Protective Covers & Caps

A cover cap will protect your hot tub cover from the environment and prolong its life.

  1. Hot Tub Cover Cap
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    Your hot tub cover is a valuable and vulnerable component of your hot tub and it makes sense to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

    Made in the USA from tough, durable woven polyethylene in a reflective metallic grey.  This cover cap is designed specifically to provide the protection that your hot tub cover needs from rain and and snow (and even sunshine if you're lucky enough to see any!) and also from the detrimental effect of dirt and debris.  It is strong, waterproof and designed to work in all climates.

    The  elasticated skirt ensures a snug fit to around your hot tub skirting and ensures that when you open your cover it won't be full of leaves and garden debris.

    Delivered approximately 1 week from order.

  2. Hot Tub Protective Cover
    Hot Tub Protective Cover More Information

    Made from lightweight rip-stop polyester, this hot tub cover protects the whole tub against the elements, animal paws, birds etc.

    Features a draw string to tighten the fit and and comes with an attached storage bag.

    The breathable and water-resistant material is extremely strong and reduces the formation of condensation.

    Ideal for protecting your hot tub from the elements over winter.


    • Charcoal

    Delivery approximately 1 week from order.

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