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It is essential to use proven hot tub chemicals to kill bacteria and keep your tub safe to use. Dangerous bacteria (such as pseudomonas, legionella and e-coli) can readily grow in warm water and in the biofilm that attaches itself to all hot tub pipework and filters.

The first rule of good hot tub hygiene is to regularly use a quality biofilm remover to get rid of the food on which bacteria thrive. A biofilm remover, or plumbing cleaner, will remove biofilm from the pipework and equipment that you can't clean in any other way.

Thereafter, the quantity of hot tub chemicals that you need to keep your hot tub safe can be dramatically reduced by using a natural water conditioners, such as eco3spa or ecoONE. These products usually remove the need for high doses of harsh hot tub chemicals by removing the organic bacterial food sources that enter the water from our bodies.

A hot tub shock (or oxidising) product removes dissolved organic matter and non-filterable waste from the water, including perspiration, urine and decomposing flies.

All of these nasties provide a great source of food for harmful bacteria and will quickly lead to both cloudy water and the need for more and more sanitiser to be used. So, it's important to use a hot tub shock regularly to remove dissolved organic contaminants.

A water clarifiers is different from a shock. A clarifier 'polishes' dull water by removing small suspended particles that can cause cloudiness. They work by coagulating tiny particles, that filters ordinarily cannot capture, into larger ones that can be trapped in the filters and then removed. Clarifies usually work well on cloudy water that is caused by limescale.

Water balancing is the process of maintaining the correct total alkalinity and pH of your hot tub water to ensure that your chosen sanitiser works to maximum effect. Correctly balanced water feels and looks good and protects your spa shell and equipment

Water balancers can be the most difficult hot tub chemicals to use but, unfortunately, if you are using Chlorine or Bromine to sanitise your hot tub then water balancing is extremely important. The sanitiser will only work effectively over a quite small pH range and you must ensure that the pH of your water remains within that range.

If you use an Active Oxygen based sanitising system, such as eco3spa, then the product will work effectively over an extremely wide pH range and you will probably find that water balancing isn't necessary, so reducing your hot tub chemical use.

If you are using chlorine or bromine to sanitise your hot tub then it is important to constantly monitor the pH of the water and to measure your hot tub chemicals levels.

If you are using an Active Oxygen based sanitising system then testing is far less important because the efficacy of product isn't affected by the pH of the water, in the same way that chlorine and bromine are.

These dispensers are all suitable for use with 1" hot tub chlorine or bromine tablets, which should always be used in a dispenser. Never place chlorine or bromine tablets in the skimmer basket or directly into the water since direct contact with the highly concentrated hot tub chemicals can melt plastic fittings, damage your spa surface and burn your skin.

We are constantly searching for more environmental friendly options for hot tub care.

Here are our best recommendation for environmentally friendly hot tub use without the need to use a lot of harsh or toxic hot tub chemicals.

If you have sensitive skin this is the place to look for an alternative solution to you hot tub water care.

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