• eco3spa  chlorine-free hot tub water treatment




Protects your hot tub cover and fittings from chemical damage - Safe to discard water onto garden plants after use.

  1. eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser Granules environmentally friendly option
    eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser Granules More Information

    This is a tub of rapidly dissolving sanitiser granules.  The content is equivalent to the eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser Tablets, but this product is in granular form. 

    The product is supplied with a measuring spoon.  Two level spoons of granules is equivalent to 1 sanitiser tablet.

    These sanitising granules will not irritate skin or eyes and will not damage hot tub cover, pillows or equipment.

    In addition to their bacteria killing properties, these tablets contain proprietary but eco-friendly additives to assist with clarifying the water.

    Will not irritate skin or eyes.

    Will not damage hot tub cover, pillows or equipment.

    Produces Active Oxygen to gently destroy harmful bacteria and organic impurities.

    Keeps hot tub water clean and safe.

  2. eco3spa Water Clarifier
    eco3spa Water Clarifier More Information

    eco3spa Water Clarifier both removes and prevents any discolouration of hot tub water, particularly that caused by algae growth.

    Algae often grows in hot tub water and this can be a particular problem in hard water areas where phosphates are frequently added to the tap water.

    If you have previously used chlorine or bromine sanitation the colouration will simply have been bleached away.  eco3spa sanitising tablets do not have this bleaching effect and so, if you do have this problem, here is the solution.

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