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Keep your hot tub water clean, clear and chlorine-free for at least 3 months.

Leaves skin soft and hydrated.

No skin irritation.

No unpleasant smell or toxic side-effects.

Kit comprises:

  • Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner
  • Step 2 - Water Conditioner
  • Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Granules

NB Due to a global shortage of the raw material used to create the sanitising tablets and extreme production difficulties cause by the prioritisation of Covid related sanitation products this kit is currently being supplied with the sanitiser in granular rather than tablet form. This will not affect the performance of the product.

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

It's as easy as 1,2,3!

  • Step 1 Clean - add a bottle to the water at every 3 monthly water change
  • Step 2 Condition - simply add to the water monthly
  • Step 3 Sanitise - add a tablet to the water before each use

Full instructions....

Step 1 Clean

Start using eco3spa when you are ready to change your existing hot tub water.  The first step is to use Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner to remove biofilm and body fats from the pipework and all surfaces of your hot tub.  If you are starting with a brand new spa then there will be biofilm growing in the pipework from when the tub was wet-tested in the factory.  Similarly, if your hot tub has been left empty it will have been damp, so you still need to complete this step.

  1. Ensure the tub is full of water to 50mm above all jets and air vents. Open all air inlet valves and centralise any diverter valves.
  2. Remove any fitted head rests and remove the filter(s) from their housing.
  3. Tip the bottle of eco3spa Hot Tub Cleaner into the water, reserving a small amount of the product to clean the shell of the hot tub and head rests after the flushing process.
  4. Turn on all jet pumps and air blower, if fitted, and run for at least 60 minutes. It is normal for foaming to occur and dark coloured biofilm particulates to be seen.
  5. Allow the water to stand for at least 30 minutes and then turn on all jet pumps and air blower, if fitted, and run again for a further 30 minutes.
  6. Drain the hot tub. The drained water is safe to empty onto grass or plants.
  7. As the water drains down, wipe away any visible residue left on the acrylic shell and rinse the surfaces with fresh water. Wipe away any stubborn scum marks by sparingly using a small amount of the reserved cleaner on a soft, clean cloth.
  8. Rinse away the cleaner well or foaming may occur when the tub is refilled.
  9. When the tub is completely drained, refill with clean water and clean and replace the filter(s) and head rests.

Step 2 Condition

Use eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner immediately after cleaning your hot tub with eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner and filling with fresh water.

  1. Turn on all air and water pumps and add 300ml of Water Conditioner (for hot tubs up to 2,000 litres). Use in conjunction with eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Tablets as described below.
  2. Add a further 300ml after one month and the final 300ml one month later.
  3. After 3 months clean the hot tub with eco3Spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner and start the process again.

Step 3 Sanitise

Use eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Tablets immediately after adding eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner and before each hot tub use.

  1. After cleaning and conditioning the water add 2 Water Sanitiser Tablets.  It is preferable to use a floating dispenser to dose the tablets, but if you add the tablets directly to the water add them to the skimmer basket and ensure that they have fully dissolved before using the hot tub.
  2. Prior to each hot tub use add an additional tablet to the water.
  3. If you haven't been using your spa you just need to ensure that you add at least 2 tablets each week.
  4. If the water ever becomes dull or foamy add an extra tablet daily until the problem subsides.


eco3spa is manufactured by surespa Ltd, a leading independent company supplying hot tub chemicals and accessories throughout the UK and Europe.

The eco3spa philosophy is that hot tub owners should be able to use their hot tub in an environmentally friendly way and not have to resort harsh and damaging chemicals and bleaches, particularly Chlorine.

eco3spa water treatment technology provides safe, clean and clear hot tub water without the hassle, worry and chemical smells associated with traditional sanitisers.

All eco3spa products are environmentally safe so your water can be safely discarded onto the the garden or into a drain after use.  All packaging in recyclable.

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Active Ingredients Active Oxygen, Surfactants, Coconut Extract and Natural Enzymes
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 eco3spa Watercare Kit
eco3spa Watercare Kit

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