surespa Chlorine Test Strips

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surespa Chlorine Test Strips

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50 strips per pot.

Formulated specifically for hot tub use and suitable for use with all chlorine-based sanitisers.

These chlorine test strips provide quick, easy and accurate hot tub water testing

The strips test for free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity.

Just dip a strip into the water and remove immediately.  Do not shake excess water from the strip, just hold horizontally for 15 seconds and compare the colours on the strip pads with the colour char on the side of the bottle.

When sanitising your hot tub with chlorine you should test the water at least twice weekly and adjust the total alkalinity, the pH and the chlorine level.  This is important because chlorine will only sanitise effectively over a small pH range and that pH range must be maintained to keep your hot tub safe to use.

Store in a cool dry place and do not let the strips get damp..

NB. The accuracy of the readings will deteriorate after the use-by date printed on the pot.