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surespa Chlorine Granules dissolve very rapidly to immediately raise the chlorine concentration in your hot tub water. Just sprinkle over the surface of the hot water and put the pumps on.

Take care not to over chlorinate your hot tub water, it's bad for you, bad for you tub headrests, jets and cover; and bad for the environment too!

When the temperature exceeds 20oC these granules can be applied directly to the spa water.  At lower temperatures, or if in doubt, pre-dissolve the granules in clean water in a clean plastic container at a maximum concentration of 10g of granules per litre of water.  Apply the solution to the spa water with the pumps turned on to aid distribution of the sanitiser through the water.

Initial dose : For freshly filled hot tubs, apply chlorine granules to achieve and maintain an initial chlorine concentration of 20ppm for 2 hours. This is called a shock dose and will be sufficient to kill any bacteria present in the tub, filters or pipework. After 2 hours you must ensure that the chlorine level has dropped to less than 5 ppm before anyone enters the water. (The chlorine level may be tested using chlorine test strips dipped into the water).

Daily maintenance : Check the chlorine level daily and re-apply granules as required to maintain a chlorine concentration of 3 - 5 ppm. The amount of product you will need to use is given in the following table.

Size of your hot tub To increase the chlorine level by..
1ppm 3ppm
1000 litres / 220 gals 2g 6g
1500 litres / 330 gals 3g 9g

NB : It is very important to maintain a pH level of 7.2 - 7.8 whilst using chlorine to sanitize your hot tub. Outside of this range the chlorine will not kill bacteria and sanitise effectively.

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Active Ingredients Di-chloro isocyanurate di-hydrate
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