AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Flush - 500ml

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AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Flush is specially formulated to remove build-up of soap and oil deposits in hot tub plumbing.

If not treated, bio-film can develop which can harbour harmful bacteria and reduce sanitiser efficiency.

This product should be applied just prior to draining and re-filling your spa.

Aquasparkle Hot Tub Flush is an easy-to-use and effective treatment that is proven to remove biofilm, dirt and other deposits from the inside of the hot tub plumbing system.

Use: When it is time to change your spa water, all you need to do is add Aquasparkle Hot Tub Flush to the old water and leave the treated hot tub for a minimum of 30minutes and up to12 hours for an effective cleaning action.

The old water can then be drained away and the hot tub refilled immediately.

This product is non-foaming.

Compatible with all recognised sanitiser systems.

1 bottle of Aquasparkle Hot Tub Flush will treat a 1500 litre spa twice.

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Active Ingredients Sulphuric acid
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