surespa Spa Flush - 500ml

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Regular removal of the biofilm that builds up inside hot tub plumbing should form a regular and important part of your hot tub maintenance routine.

Biofilm is by far the biggest source of bacteria in hot tubs and, if it's not removed regularly, you will find that you need more and more sanitiser to cope with the increasing bacteria levels.

surespa Spa Flush is a powerful biofilm remover that should be used at each water change.

surespa Spa Flush is a powerful, non-foaming cleansing treatment that efficiently removes biofilm, dirt, grease and scale from the inside of the pipework, pumps and all spa surfaces..

Hot tub water should be changed every 90-120 days, depending on the model of your spa, your water care regime and the amount of use.

How to Use : When it is time to change the water, simply add surespa Spa Flush to the old water and run the spa with all pumps on for at least half an hour, or overnight at low speed if more convenient. The water can then be drained and the shell cleaned with a little Spa Flush on a clean cloth, or with surespa Surface Cleaner, to remove any residues.

Half a 500ml bottle of surespa Spa Flush will easily clean a 1500 litre spa.

Available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles.

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Active Ingredients Sulphuric and phosphoric acid
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