surespa Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg

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These chlorine-free shock granules will remove the organic contaminants that inevitably enter hot tub water when a hot tub is used. This can include airborne pollutants as well as substances introduced by bathers, such as perspiration and body oils.

If your water starts to look a bit dull or slightly coloured surespa Non-Chlorine shock is the product to use.

Completely chlorine-free and kind to both your skin and the environment. Compatible with all hot tub sanitisers.

Dosage: Use approximately 10g - 15g per 1000 litres of spa water. Ideally, pre-dissolve the granules in a clean plastic container using at least 1litre of water for every 11g of product. Stir well to ensure that the granules are fully dissolved and add the resulting solution to the spa whilst the pumps are running to aid distribution.

Leave the pumps running and the hot tub cover off for at least 30 minutes before bathing.

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Active Ingredients Potassium Peroxymonosulfate
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