surespa Spa Filter Cleaner Powder - 500g

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surespa Spa Filter Cleaner Powder effectively removes oils, grease, dirt and, particularly, scale from hot tub filter cartridges. Powder filter cleaners are usually much better at removing the scale that quickly clogs up the pores in the filtration medium than liquids or sprays are.

This 500g pot is sufficient for at least 10 cleans and comes with a 10g measuring spoon to ensure that you use the correct amount.

surespa Spa Filter Cleaner Powder is a rapidly soluble formula that may be used in a soaking container or in the dishwasher.

Soaking Method : Use 5 scoops per 10 litres of water. Ensure that the cartridge is completely immersed and soak overnight. Rinse the filter with a hose or under a tap after soaking.

Dishwasher Method : Alternatively use 5 scoops in your dishwasher. Sprinkle the powder over all sides of the filter and set the dishwasher onto a standard warm water cycle at no more than 50oC.

For best results allow filter cartridges to dry thoroughly before re-installing in the hot tub.

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Active Ingredients Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Metasilicate
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