ecoONE Basic 3 Month Bundle

ecoONE Basic 3 Month Bundle

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3 x Eco One Spa Monthly - 236ml   +£59.28
1 x Splash Spas Bromine Tablets - 500g   +£19.76

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No Frills! This ecoONE bundle will save you 10%.

This bundle will sanitize your hot tub for 3 months.

In Splash Spas ecoONE system the natural sanitizing effect of the enzymes is augmented by a low, safe level of slow-release bromine sanitizer and test strips to give you the confidence that your spa water is 100% safe, 24 hours a day.

Just add a bottle of ecoONE to your hot tub water monthly and keep a floating dispenser filled with bromine tablets. That's it!!

We recommend that you test your water weekly and ensure that the bromine level is maintained at 1 - 2 ppm.



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