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eco one takes a hammering in the hot tub

Dear Splash Spas

I am absolutely dedicated to this product, as you can see we have a fairly heavy bathing load at times and use the spa for our family of 4 at least 3-4 times per week.  as you can see from the pictures the water is crystal clear.  The photos of the empty tub are after 3 parties and the water was due to be changed, which seems a sin as it is still so clear.  Maintenance is minimal, we refill every 3 months using the pre-filter add the eco one, adjust ph as required and that's it.  Once a week I rinse the filters (just with water), check bromine levels and ph levels, add the enzyme to the filter compartment and add a sachet of spa lite.  despite parties i've only had to use anti - foam once.  I can't really praise the products enough. I used to use chlorine products and had to check levels of sanitiser, ph etc every day but it's just not necessary with eco one, it makes owning a spa a pleasure with minimal effort and maximum reward.  My little boy is slightly prone to dry skin and always suffers after using a swimming pool but he gets in the hot tub and doesn't have any adverse reaction at all.  It really is amazing and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mrs K Pratt
Norfolk, UK

ecoone all natural hot tub water treatment

Dear Splash Spas

When we first had the tub we used chlorine tablets, but after a while my husband found he was having skin problems, so we changed to bromine instead, which made no difference. By a rather circuitous route Eco 1 was recommended to us and we've been using it ever since, several years now, with a low level of bromine as well. My husband's eczema has cleared up , the water has a good feel to it and it seems to maintain it's pH level better than before.

We're pleased to have found you as our existing supplier has stopped doing Eco 1, and your service was excellent, thank you.

East Sussex, UK