Making a Wooden Frame and Base

hot tub frame with re-inforced cornersframe is attched to footwell and shell

The frame is constructed from wood and the corners are re-inforced

The frame is screwed onto blocks that should be attached to the footwell and shell, often with fibreglass

seat supports are added for stengththe weight is evenly spread

Cross bracing and seat supports should be added for strength

Ideally, the weight is evenly spread using blocks that are fibre-glassed under every seat

fibreglass Tough Baseinsulated to stop heat loss through the ground

A fibreglass base being made

The fibreglass base should be insulated to stop heat loss to the ground

hot tub base is positioned in placescrewed to the frame and footwell

The insulated base is positioned in place on the frame

The base is securely attached to the frame and footwell