Hot Tub Water Care

Why do I need to treat hot tub water?

You can leave the water in a hard sided hot tub for up to 12 weeks and in an inflatable hot tub for 3 - 4 weeks before you need to change it, so obviously you will need to treat the water to keep it clean and safe to use.

What do I need to do?

It's easy! There are only three things that you will need to do.

The routine described below applies to hard-sided hot tubs. If you are considering purchasing an inflatable hot tub then please read the article on inflatable spa water care.

1. Sanitize

First and most importantly you need to sanitize the water to stop potentially dangerous bacteria growing.  Correct santitizing will also stop the growth of algae.  There  are many different sanitizers to choose from but we have chosen to give you a complementaery 3 month ecoONE Starter Kit with your new hot tub.  This contains all you need to sanitize your tub using a natural enzyme product, ecoONE, backed-up by a low level of Bromine for complete safety.

2. Filter

Secondly you need to ensure that all debris and significantly sized particles are removed from the water.  This function is performed by the hot tub filter that must be changed and cleaned regularly to ensure that it performs properly.  Any particles of organic matter that are not filtered out of the water will decay and quickly cause a degredation in water quality.

The ecoONE Starter Kit contains the filter cleaner that you will need.

3. Shock

 Finally, you will need to remove any dissolved contaminants from your water (perspiration, grease, body lotions, make-up, hair care products etc etc)  by using a hot tub shock product.  If you don't do this the water will become dull, discoloured and foamy.

The ecoONE Starter Kit contains sachets of a shock product that you should apply to the water approximately once every 2 weeks to ensure that it remains sparkling clear.

ecoONE Hot Tub Water Care

All Splash Spas hot tubs are supplied with a complementary ecoONE Starter Kit giving you all you need to clean and sanitize your hot tub for at least 3 months.


EcoONE is a soft and effective spa water treatment consisting of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts.

Eco One contains no chlorine or other harsh chemicals.

In Splash Spas Eco One Kits the natural sanitizing effect of the enzymes is augmented by a low, safe level of slow-release bromine sanitizer and test strips to give you the confidence that your spa water is 100% safe, 24 hours a day.

Splash Spas Eco One Kits meet all BISHTA guidelines for spa water sanitation and are now available in a handy carry boxes, with all you need to clean and sanitize your spa for 3 months.

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