Your swim apa cover hinges have a galvanized steel centre channel, c-shaped and running the entire length of each piece of foam to provide strength and rigidity.

Your cover is supplied with heat seal pads to seal heat loss at the extremities of the hinge.
When the cover is shut, the two halves of the cover seal automatically, which is critical to long-term energy saving.

You have the option to upgrade to a continuous heat seal gasket along the full length of the hinge to further improve insulation in this area.

  • OPTION 1 Hinge Heat Pads

    The cost of this option is £0.00

    Cover hinge heat pads

    You just want a low cost cover

    You don't have your spa switched on all winter or your hot tub is inside an insulated building

    Your spa isn't in a very cold, exposed or windy location

  • OPTION 2 Continuous Hinge Heat Seal

    The cost of this option is £0.00

    Cover hinge heat seal

    You want the best insulation available to minimise your electricity consumption

    Your spa is in a very exposed or windy location

    Your spa is located in a ski region or at high altitude

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