Laing E10 series Fixed Speed Circulation Pump

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Laing E10 series Fixed Speed Circulation Pump

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Laing E10 Series fixed speed circulation pumps

The E10 Series Laing Circulating Pump offers a close coupled, space saving design.

These pumps are black-bodied, replacing the older red-bodied styles (typical model numbers: SM-959-NHW-14 thru SM-959-NHW-26). The new black pump is known as the E10 - it is the direct replacement from the manufacturer and it's front can be rotated to the same position as your existing unit.

  • Thermoplastic motor bracket is adjustable to 4 different discharge angles.
  • High density ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap designed for high efficiency and long life.
  • Highly efficient, clog resistant open impeller is dynamically balanced with carbon bearing for smooth ultra quiet operation.
  • Unique patented design has no mechanical seal, eliminating a potential leak path.
  • Highly efficient and ultra quiet spherical motor design. Pump is designed for continuous operation. All ratings are within working limits of the motor
  • Whisper quiet, less than 40 db
  • Consumes 40% less energy than the older models
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Rated at 230V, 50Hz.


  • Length: 154mm
  • Height: 125mm
  • Width: 105mm


  • Motor: 0.009 - 0.063KW
  • RPM: 4000

Laing pumps are fitted on Artesian, Caldera, Dimension One, L A Spas, Iberspa, Island Spas, Saratoga, Canadian Spa, Hot Springs Spa in a Box, Sundance, Spring Spa and others.