Standard Hot Tub Cover Manufacturer's Warranty

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How long does the warranty last?

This warrantyruns for one year from the date of delivery of the original purchase.

Who is covered?

This warranty covers the original purchaser with proof of purchase

What does this warranty cover?

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

What does this warranty NOT cover?

  • Damage due to excessive use of chemicals or heat.
  • Inner foam core breakage.
  • Inner foam core moisture absoption due to foam breakage or damage to plastic barrier.
  • Damage tears or abrasions to vinyl cover due to scraping, dragging or sliding of the cover.
  • Damge due to use of silicone-based cleaners or treatments (see care tips).
  • Damage due to use of vapour seals (pouches at inside ends of hinge) as handles.
  • Damage due to weight placed on cover.
  • Damage caused by inappropriate storeage.
  • Handles damaged due to lifting.  Handles are for positioning only (see care tips).
  • Adverse weather conditions, including wind.
  • Any other damage resulting from abuse, misuse or neglect.

Within the warranty period the manufacturer will, at their option, repair or replace any defective cover or part.

The manufacturer will not be responsible for freight costs for forwarding or return of your cover.

The manufacturer will not provide a substitute or loan cover during the repair period.

Nothing in the warranty affects your statutory rights.


  • Keep clean with mild soap and water.  Do not use silicone based cleaners or treatments.
  • Do not scrape or drag cover.
  • Do not use vapor seals to lift or remove cover.
  • Do not lift cover without unfastening locking straps.
  • Keep water and snow off top of cover.
  • Do not walk, sit or lean on cover.
  • Attach all locking hold-down straps when installing and fasten when not in use to prevent heat loss.
  • Use handles and straps for positioning only, handles and seams will not support the weight of the cover.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the cover.
  • When not on the spa, ensure cover is stored to prevent buckling.

Important Excess chemical and/or chemical inbalance will deteriorate the plastic vapour barrier. When the vapour barrier is damaged, inner cores will absorb moisture.  The following instructions will prolong the life of your plastic vapour barrier and inner cores.

  • Be sure to take the cover completely off the tub when stocking with chemicals and leave it off for a period of 30 minutes or until the chemical level is back to normal. It is very important to take the cover off, not just flip it to one side.
  • Spray or wipe the bottom side pf your cover with clean water approximately once a month to remove the excess chemical residue from the plastic barrier. These excess chemicals are what causes the plastic to dry and crack.
  • Approximately every 6 months, take the inserts out and flip them over so that the opposite side of the inserts is over the water.
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