surespa Bromine Tablets - 1kg

surespa Bromine Tablets - 1kg

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Slow dissolving 20g bromine tablets from the premium surespa range of hot tub products.

surespa 20g bromine tablets are low dusting and close to a neutral pH. They are therefor ideal for routine hot tub dosing.

surespa bromine tablets dissolve slowly at a rate dependent on the temperature of the water and the water flow rate over the tablets and should be used in a floating or built-in chemical dispenser.

It may be necessary to apply an initial shock dose of bromine granules to kill any residual bacteria in the hot tub or on the filters and to establish a safe bromine residual in the spa water as quickly as possible.

Once a bromine residual of 3 - 5ppm has been established fill a floating or built-in chemical dispenser with bromine tablets and adjust the aperture to maintain the sanitizer level between 3 - 5ppm.

NB : It is important to maintain a pH level of 7.2 - 7.8 whilst using bromine to sanitize your spa. Outside of this range the bromine will not sanitize effectively.


Additional Information

Active IngredientsBromo-Chloro-5, 5-Dimethlhydantoin
Net Weight1 kg