Balboa GS100 Control Box

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Balboa GS100 Control Box

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Balboa GS100 spa control box

1 pump control

Optional 2KW heater and topside control panels

Genuine GS100 Balboa Control Box comprising PCB & optional heater with1.5" pipe connections & choice of optional  topside control panels.

New version in black colour.,


19.0cm x 13.7cm x 6.0cm


Pump 1: 2 speed (one speed with circ / circ pump, 24hr operation with 1.5 degree centigrade safety shut off)

Heater: 2kW - Separate unit that plugs on to the board - overall length 37.5cm

Spa light: 10V 12W – on/off

Ozone: Available (230vac)

Audio visual device power output: Available

Electrical: 240V AC, 50Hz

This pack is connected to all components via amp plugs, it is compatiable with VL200, VL240, VL260, VL401, VL402, VL403 & VL404 and mini/duplex series of touch panels. 

This 2.0kW system is easy to mount and a useful entry level system. The heater only draws around 8.5amps so if the system is designed to do so, you could have a small combined system running from a domestic 13amp supply. The unit allows you to program time out functions for both speeds of the pump via 2 dip switches.

You must always consult a qualified electrician for accurate information prior to installation.

The GS range of spa control systems are Balboa designed using M7 temperature & water flow sensing technology. This increases the reliability, serviceability and installation ease of the system box..