Filter Type 43 (PVT25N / FC3029)

Filter Type 43 (PVT25N / FC3029)

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Conventional Filter Type 43 (PVT25N / FC3029)

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removable hot tub filter bezelNote : If replacing an old Pleatco brand threaded filter cartridge, be aware that these have a removable male pipe thread fitting which slip-fits into a hole in the bottom of the filter. You may need to unscrew the pipe fitting from your spa's filter housing if it did not come out with the old filter (many spa owners are not even aware that the fitting is still in there) before you can screw in your new filter.

The filters that we sell are moulded as a single piece, so that the threaded fitting always comes out of the spa with the filter.


Additional Information

Filter Diameter (cm)10.8cm (4 1/4")
Filter Length (cm)19.7cm (7 3/4")
Filter Top FinishClosed
Filter Bottom FittingFine 3.8cm (1 1/2") MPT Thread
Hole DiameterNo
Filtration Area (sq ft)25 sq ft
Number of Pleats165
Filbur ReferenceFC-3029
Unicel ReferenceN/A
Pleatco ReferencePVT25N
Darlley ReferenceNo
Great Barrier Ref.No
Equivalent OEM ReferenceNo
Additional InformationNo
This Filter Fits...

This filter is known to fit the following makes of hot tub. (NB. It could also fit makes not listed here).

Vita Spa

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