Deluxe Thermalux Floating 12mm Spa Insulation Cover

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A 12mm thick Thermalux foam floating heat retention cover ideal for hot tubs and small hydrotherapy pools running at up to 40 deg C. This cover is designed for hot tubs, not swimming pools, and it will not ruck-up when the pumps come on.

Water evaporation accounts for 70% of heat loss in hot tubs and this cover reduces water evaporation and heat loss by up to 90%. It will also protect your hard hot tub cover from chemical damage.

This floating heat retention cover is manufactured from 12mm double layered, textured foam. A clear foil laminate to top and bottom surfaces makes it extremely durable.

Manufactured in the UK especially for spa and hot tub use.

This is the most effective additional layer of insulation for your hot tub that you can buy.

Price is per square metre.

Due to the size of this product there is a £35 flat rate shipping charge.

Enter the length and width of the cover you require (in millimetres).

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Price of this cover: 

The 12mm cross linked polyethylene dense foam core weighs only 0.49kg per sq.m and is protected by a laminated foil film to both sides. The foam is not overly heavy and can easily be removed from the hot tub by hand. Just roll it up and stow when you want to use your tub!

u-value : 0.32 R-value: 3.1 Thickness:1.2cm

1 year warranty.

Delivery up to 2 weeks from order, but usually much sooner.

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