Replacement Hot Tub Cover High Density Foam Insert

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Replacement Hot Tub Cover High Density Foam Insert

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A single replacement cover insert with a choice of thickness.

Rigid, polystyrene, heavy-density, EPS150 (25 kg/m3), foam in-fill board.

Double wrapped for extra protection.

Delivery currently approximately 4 weeks from order.

  • Double polythene wrapping surrounds the foam to provide a robust waterproof seal.
  • 4" - 2" (102mm - 51mm) taper to guarantee adequate rain run-off and prevent sagging, with the option of a 3" - 2" (76mm - 51mm) for thinner covers, or a 5" - 3" (125mm - 76mm) or a 6" - 4" (150mm - 102mm) taper for a small additional charge.

NB The price is per insert ie for half of the cover.

Please configure the size of each insert using the form below. If you require two inserts you will need to purchase two.


You should use your existing inserts to measure from. Inserts will be made to the exact size you specify so so please ensure that you will be able to fit them into your existing cover skin.

Shape: The standard cover shape options are shown in the diagrams above, but if you would like a different shape please contact us to discuss. Refer to the diagram to see which dimensions to enter for the lengths A, BC and D (not all measurements are required for every shape).

Size of Inserts: This option is available for inserts with a maximum dimensions on either side less than 2.4m.  For larger inserts please contact us for a quotation.

How to Measure the Radius of Corners (D): Refer to the diagram above and, using two straight edges, extend two imaginary lines from the break in the curve of the corner (point X) until they meet at an imaginary point Y. Determine the measurement from point X to point Y. This will be the radius of your corner.  If you have any doubt then specifying a slightly larger radius than the radius of the cover skin will ensure that the inserts fit the skin at the corners.

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