Game Spa & Pool Vacuum

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A pump action vacuum with a huge range of accessories and wall mounting bracket.

This All-In-One cleaning tool creates a suction that draws in debris from the pool or spa as you pull the handle out. Push the handle in and the dirt is trapped inside the special filter basket as water flows out.

No hoses or hook-ups are needed.

This vacuum works on a patented air-water pressure system so there is no plumbing, no batteries and no water hookup required.

It uses a simple pump action to create suction. Just pull up on the handle & the debris is lifted up into an easy to clean filter.

The Game Spa Vacuum comes complete with an easy-to-clean surface skimmer, a slide-on brush for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas, two nozzles - one for underwater debris and another for surface debris - and a wall mount bracket for easy storage.

Lightweight and simple to use.

145cm in length when fully assembled.

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