Inflatable Spa Water Care

Why do I need to treat hot tub water?

You can leave the water in an inflatable spa or hot tub for 3 - 4 weeks before you need to change it, so obviously you will need to treat the water to keep it clean and safe to use.

What do I need to do?

It's easy! your inflatable hot tub will be supplied with a complementary AquaBlanc Spa Starter Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a simple spa water care guide, test strips, water balancers and a tablet dispenser, all you need to sanitize a inflatable hot tub in three easy steps...

Step 1

With any hot tub water sanitation system it is important to adjust the Total Alkalinity and pH of the water when you fill up the spa to ensure that your water is within the range that allows the sanitizer to work effectively.  This is a very simple process and the AquaBlanc Spa Starter Kit contains everything that you will need together with simple instructions to enable you to perform the balancing effectively. 

Step 2

Once the water is balanced, you simply add a weekly does of the Aquablanc Combination A liquid and an Aquablance 02 tablet, dispensed via the floating tablet dispenser, immediately prior to using the hot tub (or weekly if the tub is not used)

Step 3

Keep your filter clean. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

You need to ensure that all debris and significantly sized particles are removed from the water and this function is performed by the filter. The filters fitted to inflatable hot tubs are very small and easily become clogged. They must be cleaned amd changed regularly to ensure that the inflatable hot tub performs properly.  If the filter is not kept clean then the water circulation will be impaired and the tub could function incorrectly. In addition, any particles of organic matter that are not filtered out of the water will decay and quickly cause a degredation in water quality.

Inflatable hot tub filters should be cleaned under a running tap at least weekly (depending on use) and all debris from between the pleats should be removed. Do not use any household cleaners on the filters because if the cleaner is not completely removed prior to inserting the filter back in the tub you will experience very foamy water. It is possible to buy special purpose hot tub filter cleaner, but inflatable hot tub filters are not expensive and most people prefer to simply replace them when they become too dirty.

AquaBlanc Hot Tub Water Care

aquaBlanc Inflatable hot tub water careWe recommend purchasing an AquaBlanc Hot Tub Water Care Kit which will last for at least 50 bathing sessions.

AquaBlanc is an effective, chlorine-free spa water treatment system which does not smell and significantly minimises any risk of skin irritation.

AquaBlanc Hot Tub Water Care Kits meet all BISHTA (Britsh & Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) guidelines for spa water sanitation and are available in a handy carry box.

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