Aquablanc Starter Kit

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This Aquablanc Starter Kit is all you need to sanitize your spa with the Aquablanc Active Oxygen system.

Ideal for Inflatable Spas.

This Aquablanc Starter Kit comprehensive kit includes a spa water care guide, test strips, water balancers and FREE tablet dispenser and is ideal for use with inflatable spas.

With any spa water sanitation system it is important to adjust the Total Alkalinity and pH of the water when you fill up the spa to ensure that your water is within the range that allows the sanitizer to work effectively.  This is a very simple process and this kit contains everything that you will need together with simple instructions to enable you to perform the balancing effectively.

Contains: 1kg Aquablanc 02 tablets, 1lt Aquablanc A Combination Liquid, 0.75kg pH Minus, 0.5kg pH Plus, 0.5kg TA Plus, Aquablanc Test Strips, Spa Water Care Guide, FREE Floating Tablet Dispenser

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